When a patient is having a restoration placed, Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Tant may use the VITA shade guide in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This helps our dentists determine the shade of your natural teeth so that a restoration can be produced that looks like a natural part of your smile. Dental restorations include dental veneers, dental fillings, dental crowns, dental fillings, and dentures. Our dentists will ensure that your restoration matches the color of your teeth so that not just the functionality, but the beauty of your smile will be restored. If a patient is having a teeth whitening treatment, the VITA shade guide can also be used to help our dentists to determine a customized bleaching treatment. This helps our dentists recommend the strength and length of bleaching treatment needed by individual patients.

For the best results, our dentists will determine the shade of your teeth under daylight lamps for the best possible lighting. We will not use normal indoor lighting, as this may mar the results. The environment in which our dentists determine the shade of your teeth should be in muted colors. If you are wearing lipstick or other bright makeup, our dentists will ask you to remove it. If you are wearing bright colors, our dentists will cover them so the best shade match can be made.

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