Dental treatments like composite restorations require that the work area remain dry. Moisture could damage the work being done by the dentist. Traditionally, dentists had to have their assistants use suction periodically to keep the area clear. The dentist would also have to work to try to keep the tongue and cheek away from the treatment side. For better efficiency, Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Tant use a bite block in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This device attaches to our dentists’ suction. The disposable attachment is made of silicone. This attachment acts as a bite block and a tongue retractor. The device also has a built-in LED light.

The bite block with air, suction, and light has several advantages. The device works so well that our dental assistant will not have to use suction much to keep the procedure area clear. They will be able to help our dentists in other ways like keeping their mirror clear and handing them instruments. The bite block device makes dental procedures much quicker. This is because it eliminates the need for our assistant to clear the area with air and water periodically.

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