Would you like to see and understand any dental issues you have? Do you like to be educated about everything involved in your dental care? Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Tant may use an intraoral camera in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This camera is a video camera that provides images on the computer screen that help our dentists better view your teeth. Intraoral cameras also allow our dentists to more easily educate our patients about what is happening in their mouth.

The intraoral camera has optimal lighting and the image quality is high-definition. The camera provides a live video display on screen. There is virtually no image distortion. The camera controls are on the small handpiece. Our dentists can easily freeze images by pressing a button. The image can then be saved into the patient’s record if desired. Our dentists can easily switch the focus of the intraoral camera. This allows viewing of intraoral images, which captures up to three teeth, and extraoral images, like your smile or arch.

We invite you to contact our dental office today to learn more about intraoral cameras and to schedule your next visit with our dentists. We are excited to meet the dental needs of your whole family!