Is your smile marred by an uneven gum line? Do you have a gummy smile? Are you ever self-conscious about your smile? Ask Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Tant about laser gum treatment in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Preferably, your gums should compliment your smile, not detract from it. Our dentists can contour, or shape, your gum line using a laser.

Traditionally, patients with gummy smiles had only the option of having their gums reduced with a scalpel. This uncomfortable procedure caused bleeding and a difficult recovery period. With laser dentistry, there is very little pain or bleeding. Our dentists may draw a line to mark where your new gum line will be. You will be able to see how much gum tissue is being removed and what the shape of your gum line will be. Your gums will be sculpted by our dentists in a fast and simple procedure. Though this procedure is virtually painless, our dentists will offer sedation for patients who have dental fears. After your procedure, take pain medication as prescribed by our dentists. Eat soft, cool foods like pasta, yogurt, and ice cream for a few days.

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