Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Tant are pleased to provide the latest in dental technology in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We take pride in our modern, technologically advanced office. Our dental office is up-to-date with the advances in techniques and technology so that we can better serve you. We strongly believe that our patients and their families deserve the best dental care possible. We strive to provide that quality of care in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Our advanced dental technology allows our dentists to perform more accurately and efficiently. We have technology that helps us diagnose and treat tooth decay and other dental issues. For example, technology like digital X-rays helps our dentists diagnose dental issues that are difficult to find with the naked eye. These images can be enhanced and enlarged on the computer for a clearer picture. We use a laser for soft tissue procedures. Lasers cause less pain and bleeding. In many cases, anesthetic will not be needed with the use of a laser.

We encourage you to contact our dental office today to learn more about dental technology and to schedule your next appointment with our dentists. We are excited to provide you and your family with the excellent dental care you deserve!